ORGANIZACIÓN INTEGRAL S.R.L. is a Paraguayan company with many years of experience in the organization of congresses, seminars, exhibitions and all kinds of national, regional and international meetings. Our track record has allowed us to become highly professionalized in project management in a broad gamut of disciplines, with more than 200 events organized and/or coordinated by the company.

Our human resources are specialized in the multi-disciplinary coordination and execution of the diverse tasks required for each kind of event.


Training Seminars

Commercial Exhibitions

Come See Paraguay

Paraguay is a country where nature blends with history. Its exuberance stems from the richness of its soil and subsoil, forests and fields, translucent sky, breezes and waterways; from the diversity of races of its inhabitants; from the struggles that take place within its frontiers; from its archetypal men and women and its multitudes.

The assortment, quality and singularity of the attractions of this country make it a destination of seduction for tourists.



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