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Our services

What we do


  • National and international congresses
  • Seminars, symposiums and workshops
  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions and product shows
  • Business meetings
  • Corporate events
  • Cultural events
  • Miscellaneous social activities (work breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, cocktails, coffee breaks)

What we offer

Comprehensive logistical organization and coordination for your event: planning and during the event itself, as well as checking and monitoring outsourced services to accomplish the proposed objectives. We offer services in different segments as listed below:

  • Advice and accompaniment for hiring of venues
  • Preparation of task schedules and their execution plans
  • Coordination of social activities
  • Coordination of tourist services through wholesale travel operator and/or travel agency hired for the event
  • Ceremony and protocol

Pre-event Secretariat

  • Dissemination of the event in coordination with the organizers
  • Electronic management system for technical work
  • Communications with speakers
  • Contact with eventual sponsors
  • Advice by hired press team
  • Preparation of the list of officials to be invited to the event, personal delivery and confirmation of attendance (at the local level).
  • Management and contact with providers of the following services: audiovisual, sound, lighting, simultaneous translation equipment, interpreters for several languages, data input clerks, rapporteurs, stand design and mounting, production of materials (stationery, merchandising and signage), recording and transcription of audio material, video production and photography, website design and posting, master of ceremony, medical assistance services, decoration and staging, catering services.

Secretariat during the event:

  • Accreditation service with our computing equipment
  • Screening and hiring of assistants (hostesses or floor assistants , IT support, among others)
  • Activities inherent to the intra-congress secretariat: installation and mounting, putting together and handing out materials and certificates, and more.

Post-event secretariat:

  • Dismantling of the secretariat
  • Support in the preparation of the final report with spreadsheet of participants
  • Thank you mailings
  • Closure with providers